Designing Your Ideal Kitchen – 5 Denver Kitchen Cabinet Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss

upscale kitchen interior with stone accents and wood beam ceiling.

Denver kitchen cabinets unique designs have been among the major trends in the Denver area for a while now. Even though modular kitchens have been a thing for a long time, the trend just keeps on growing, and Denver is a good example of just how far it can go.

As real estate and interior design experts continue to press on the advantages of increasing home value by buying more beautiful items for the kitchen, a growing number of homeowners are coming up with new and engaging kitchen cabinet designs and trends that haven’t been seen before.

  1. Traditional wooden cabinets are making a comeback in non-traditional colors. If you have a friend in Denver who owns a home with a fashion-forward kitchen, even though some of the items might look modern, you’ll probably find that small traditional-style cabinet in the corner or a large, U-shaped cabinet in the middle of the kitchen area that features surprisingly traditional design elements, but is painted in a modern blue or silver tone.
  2. Rustic kitchen designs with flat-panel cabinets are also making an important appearance in Denver. These trendy and somewhat casual kitchen designs will leave you surprised because of their neat appearance and imposing, yet soothing colors. The cabinets are usually large, and they’re always able to make a statement as one of the most easily visible features in the kitchen area.
  3. How do you feel about combining blue and white contemporary style kitchen cabinets in the same kitchen? While it might looks like a bold move, especially if you have natural-colored hardwood flooring and granite countertops that also might seem out of place, the complete picture of such a kitchen design has become quite a hit in Denver. You’ll find that viewing the entire kitchen as an ensemble will lead you to see the polarized harmony between the colors, instead of seeing anything out of place.
  4. Hardwood floors, an eat-in kitchen design and an underground sink construction combined with a sleek marble counter will compel even your most passive Denver friends and visitors to make a statement of surprise and admiration about your kitchen. This design is made even more impressive by the flat-panel cabinets built into the large counters, adding a bolder contrast to an otherwise relaxing setting.
  5. Multiple pull out shelves installed in cabinets present from ground level to the ceiling offer another bold statement, and show just how much you can achieve when it comes to modular kitchen designs. Although this trend isn’t necessarily new in Denver, it has been used to an increasing extent, especially with sleek, wood-colored cabinets and shelves.

These Denver kitchen cabinet ideas can seem a little “out there” for homeowners coming from a more traditional background, but the blending of classic elements that some of them allow will make you feel right at home. Ultimately, it’s not just about making a bold statement, but also about putting your own unique print on the kitchen design of your choice and making sure the kitchen upgrades you are considering will make the area more harmonious and easier to use.