How Do I Know if My Sewer Line Should Be Replaced?

Do you have an old home, where you need to rebuild the entire sanitary installation, from changing and replacing pipes or tubes, to complete interior design? The good functioning of the sanitary installation in your home, and not only, is a necessity. All you have to do is ask for the help of experienced HVAC companies Denver plumbing specialists.

Replacing the plumbing installation and sewer pipes should be a priority if they are old, and repairs are no longer efficient. Together with a specialist you will decide what needs to be done, what materials should be purchased and how the entire work will be carried. You need to keep in mind that changing or replacing sewer pipes or the entire installation is a complex project. Therefore, it is highly recommended to avoid non-professional craftsmen, because the risks are too big and costly.

A professional plumber can intervene to remedy any sewer problem, whether we are talking about repairs, maintenance or replacement. Regardless of the need you have, urgent or not, an authorized plumber will take care that the work is executed with maximum professionalism.

If you need to change or replace your sewer line, you must take into account the following things:

  • The materials the replacing sewer pipes are made of
  • The diameter of the pipes, for an efficient drain
  • The durability and lifespan of the new pipes
  • The installation of the new pipes
  • Material costs, labor and other expenses

When sewer pipes need to be replaced

Old and rusty pipes are the main cause of problems in the proper functionality of sewer lines. However, if you are not sure how old and rusty are those pipes, there are signs you can look for in order to determine whether it is time to replace your sewer line:

  • The ware is rusty, brown or yellow and has a strange taste and smell
  • You have leaky pipes too often
  • Water pressure is low
  • Water changes its temperature rapidly
  • You notice rust stains on washed laundry
  • Taps are rusted or blocked
  • Drainage line is constantly clogging

Piece of advice: Use durable materials and make sure the installation is done properly.

To ensure the longest possible life of your sewer system, use durable materials, resistant to factors such as moisture or corrosion. The installation of the sewer line must be done in such a way as not to allow the accumulation of impurities that may to clogging of the pipes.

From this point of view, one of the most used types of sewer pipe is the round steel pipe, because the material is durable and easy to maintain. You can also use cast iron, copper or brass, but there will be small differences in the maintenance process. Also, steel is highly valued because it is very resistant to physical impact with other external elements.

Regardless of whether it is the bathroom sewer or the kitchen sewer, the best HVAC companies Denver has confirm that it is important that the installation is adapted to the conditions imposed by the place where it is installed and the level of wear to which it will be subjected.

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