Mini Excavator: What Are the Best Uses

Mini excavators are pieces of digging equipment that are able to do less ground damage than full-sized excavators and that also run on smaller tracks, which makes them more versatile than full sized versions. These machines might be small, but the types of jobs that they are suitable for are very similar to the jobs that full-sized machines can perform. If you are looking for a mini excavator for sale Colorado landscapers suggest looking to MTC Equipment. Here are some of the best and most common uses of these small and versatile machines.

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Installation Work

There are many projects that require a digging machine that is able to navigate relatively tight places and that can create precise holes that are not too large. The best example for such work is the installation of backyard pools or of large hot tubs that require a foundation or that have a base that needs to be installed under ground level. Mini excavators can easily enter the property through a standard-sized gate and they can also navigate the landscape without causing damage in the existent features or structures, such as flower beds.

Demolition Work

Mini excavators are also very frequently used for demolishing smaller buildings, such as sheds or other auxiliary construction. The small machines might not be suitable for performing the demolition of very large buildings, but for the projects that involve smaller construction, mini excavators are perfect.

Sewer Repair

Another very common type of projects that mini excavators are extensively used for is to repair damaged sewer lines or other plumbing pipes, even mains that need to be exposed by digging.

Landscaping Projects

Mini excavators are also extensively used by landscaping companies that want to get soil moved or trees relocated in a quick and efficient manner. Mini excavators can be fitted with a variety of accessories, such as buckets and other tools, that allow for the removal of soil as well as of large trees without hurting the roots of the tree. The excavators also do an excellent service when having to quickly dig out a whole into which the tree will be relocated. Mini excavators can also be fitted with heads that serve the purpose of mowing or raking dead vegetation and they are frequently and efficiently used for transporting new trees to their final location and for placing those trees into the whole that will accommodate them.

Drilling Work

It might be surprising, but many excavators can be also fitted with augers for creating the holes into which the posts that serve as the base for lightweight construction or for a new fence are to be placed.

Site Clearing and Mulching

Mini excavators are great for a variety of precision jobs, including projects that involve the cleaning of debris from the surface of the soil. The machines can be fitted with accessories that can not only do a precision job, but that can also remove the debris spread on the soil in a quick and efficient manner. The same qualities make mini excavators suitable for spreading mulch over larger areas in the fraction of the time needed to perform the job by hand.