The Beauty of a Horizontal Wood Fence

Having a cute, low-rising picket fence in front of the house to delimit the property in an attractive and welcoming way is still one of the most popular wood fencing Denver options, but today, there are very many other, spectacular design options that you can use to make your property look great and mark its boundaries at the same time. One such option is to use a horizontal wood fence – here are some things that you might want to know about the solution.

Suitable for Rugged and Sleek, Subtle Fences

There are lots of features in a horizontal wood fence that you can play with to create the perfect fence design. The shape and the size of the slats, the distance between the slats, the type and the material of the posts are all freely customizable. If you need more privacy, you can place your slats closer to each other and create a more rugged design – if you are happy showing your property to passers-by, you can leave more distance between the planks and get an airy, sleek fence.

Suitable for Any Yard or Garden

One of the unique aesthetic effects added by a horizontal fence is that they enlarge the space they surround. A horizontal fence is therefore a great choice for a small garden, but the solution can be used to delimit, to protect and to visually enlarge patios, pool areas and decks as well.

A Multitude of Wood Varieties Available

Horizontal wood fences Denver contractor designs include many options from many different wood varieties – some more expensive, others more affordable, but all of them beautiful. One of the high-end varieties that are very popular these days is ipe – the wood is quite pricey, but its dense structure makes it impervious to moisture, therefore resistant to rot and suitable for building fences that can last for 30 years or more. Another popular choice is cedar, especially clear cedar, preferred by many because it is free from the knots and blemishes so common in knotty cedar. The material is quite sensitive to weathering, therefore it needs to be regularly treated with protective coatings to preserve color and to prevent drying and insect attacks.

One of the more affordable solutions for building an attractive and durable horizontal wood fence is pressurized wood. The material is treated with various chemicals to deter insects and to prevent any harm caused by the weather, so the option is durable as well.

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Tips for Building a Beautiful Horizontal Wood Fence

Correct installation is essential for making your new fence durable, too. To achieve that, you might need to regrade the area where the fence will be installed and you might need to reduce or completely eliminate the risk of soil erosion as well. Tree roots might also cause problems in the fencing area, therefore they should be removed from the area where the fence will be erected.

Being a custom solution, horizontal fences are best installed by professionals. Whatever design you use, your fence will take only a couple of days to install, quick building being another feature that makes horizontal fences so great.