What Are the Advantages of Cement Shingles?

Nowadays, the range of materials available for building pitched roofs is very wide, each option being different in terms of price, longevity, maintenance needs, energy-efficiency and aesthetic appeal. One of the best materials available is surely cement shingles – roof covering pieces made from a material that is today among the strongest and most durable building materials.

Cement shingle roofs are among the higher-priced options and also quite heavy, therefore suitable only for buildings that can hold up the weight, but besides these two features that require some consideration, cement roofs come with lots of attractive benefits. Here are some.


Cement roofs come with a very long lifespan – correctly installed by Denver roofing contractors, cement roofs can provide reliable protection to the building for over 70 years. The color of cement roofs does not fade during all that time.

Resistance to the Elements

Cement roofing shingles do not absorb water, they are not affected by harsh UV radiations and their weight ensures that they stand up very well to high winds. Cement is a somewhat brittle material, therefore very strong hail or the impact caused by objects being dropped on the roof by strong winds can cause cement shingles to crack or to become chipped. However, cement roofs being composed of small, individually installed pieces, the repair is very easy and quick.

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Aesthetic Appeal

Cement shingles come in a wide range of styles, colors, shapes and texture and are popular for the classic elegance that they confer to any building. The most common varieties are terracotta shades, but you can find shingles in almost any color, from pastel colors to stronger, bolder hues, such as black, white, green or even blue. You can also find matte and glossy varieties to match the style of your building.

Maintenance Requirements

Cement shingles are strong and durable and they don’t need any special maintenance. You need to clean and inspect your roof in spring and then again in fall to check for any damage, especially in sensitive areas, such the parts covered in flashing at the roof valleys and around the roof openings, and to ensure that there is no debris on the roof, but that is about all you need to do maintenance-wise. There is another essential maintenance task that any roof, including cement roofs, need and that is gutter cleaning – whenever you clean your roof, make sure to remove any debris from the gutters and check the integrity of the pipes as well.

Energy Efficiency

Cement shingles are usually quite thick and that feature, combined with reflective properties, make sure that your shingle roof will keep the heat absorbed to the minimum even on days that are scorching hot. Your roof will work like an excellent insulator in winter as well, ensuring that the warm air will not slip out from your rooms through the roof. The thermal efficiency that characterizes cement roofs will help you reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and to cool your home, thus contributing to your efforts to lower your energy expenses.