What Are the Most Innovative Uses for Shipping Containers

The most common usage of shipping containers is obviously for transporting cargo safely, but these large metal boxes are very versatile and they are nowadays increasingly utilized for purposes other than shipping – here are some.

large storage container


Container homes are very trendy today. Most shipping containers Denver options are large enough to be transformed into a room and joining two or more containers is an efficient and very low-cost way to create large homes on multiple levels. The strong steel panels that the containers are made of can resist even the harshest weather and with suitable insulation, the home gets excellent thermal balance as well.

Inexpensive Vacation Homes

If you have a plot of land and you would like to have a cheap vacation home on it, but you don’t have the time, the money or the energy to build it, just get a suitably sized shipping container in good condition for a couple of thousands of dollars and start decorating it at your own pace.


Reprocessed shipping containers are used all over the world to create stylish hotels that feature unique architectural and design solutions for really special vacation experiences. Container hotels can be built very quickly and they can also be moved and relocated easily.

Workshops and Garages

Another trend for the usage of shipping containers is to transform them into workshops. They can be used as extensions for an existing workspace or as stand-alone solutions.

Innovative Space for Office

Shipping containers can be efficiently used to create office buildings as well. The space inside the container can be freely customized to meet the requirement of the teams that work inside and using container offices also reduces the company’s environmental impact by not requiring any extensive construction.

Stores, Malls and Boutiques

Shipping containers are also suitable for being transformed into stylish and state-of-the-art commercial buildings. Smaller units can be used for small boutiques, while larger units placed side by side can be used as malls.


A small storage container placed in the yard is the best solution for those who want a sauna, but don’t have sufficient space in the basement or in the rest of the house to accommodate the unit.

Swimming Pools

Adding a swimming pool to your yard is expensive mainly because you need to excavate deep into the ground, you need to create suitable walls and a bottom using expensive materials and technologies and you need to install lots of other technical components underground. Using shipping containers to create your pool is a much cheaper way because container-pools can be installed without excavation, they don’t need very special insulation and they are much easier and cheaper to fill with water as well.

Gyms and Fitness Center

Converting a shipping container into a gym or a fitness center is another innovative way to use these large metal boxes. The container gyms used in schools are cheap and easy ways to provide kids the space necessary for their PE classes and the cargo boxes are also excellent for being converted into well-equipped fitness centers that can be installed and relocated easily.