What Should Companies Do To Prevent Fires?

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Organizing a workplace to protect it from fire emergencies includes the following activities:

  • Establishing structures with attributions in the field of fire protection
  • Elaboration, approval and dissemination of authority documents: decisions, provisions, establishing responsibilities
  • Elaboration, approval and dissemination of specific documents regarding the protection from fire emergencies
  • Organization of fire drills and establishing escape routes through the building
  • The planning and execution of periodic controls, in order to detect, any potential risk that may result in a fire
  • Periodic analysis of the capacity of protection from fire emergencies
  • Development of programs to optimize the activity of protection from fire emergencies
  • Meeting the criteria and requirements for training, approval, authorization and certification provided by the normative acts
  • Developing an operating alert system to be used in the event of a fire
  • Ensuring the functioning at the designed parameters of the technical means of defense against a fire
  • Planning the intervention of the employees, in case of a fire
  • Analyzing the fires produced, detaching the conclusions and establishing the circumstances and determinants, as well as some protective measures
  • Regulation of reports on fire protection in the relationships generated by contracts/ conventions
  • Providing the standardized forms, such as fire permits and training sheets.

If you are the administrator or the manager of a company or an institution, you have mainly the following obligations:

  • To establish, by written regulations, the responsibility of the organization in case of fire emergencies, to update these regulations when changes occur and to inform the employees and clients.
  • To ensure the identification and assessment of the fire risks in your company and the correlation of the fire protection measures with the nature and level of the risks.
  • To request and obtain the fire safety permits and authorizations and to ensure compliance with the necessary conditions
  • To allow, in accordance with the law, controls and inspections to be performed in your company, having the purpose of fire prevention, as well as to present the documents and information requested by the inspectors, without obstruct their activity in any way.
  • To draw up and constantly update the list of dangerous substances, classified according to the law, used in the activity of the company you run. The list must include mentions regarding the physical-chemical properties, the identification codes, the risks they present for health and the environment, the recommended protection means, the methods of intervention and first aid, the substances for extinguishing, neutralizing or decontamination.
  • To elaborate the instructions regarding the protection from fire emergencies and to establish the attributions everyone has at the work place.
  • To ensure that the employees know and follow the necessary instructions regarding the fire protection measures.
  • To ensure the preparation and updating of the intervention plan and to create the necessary conditions for its correct and efficient implementation.

As an employer, you have the legal obligation to take the necessary measures to provide first aid, fire protection and evacuation of people who work for your company. For this purpose, you must also establish the necessary links with the specialized services, especially regarding first aid, medical emergency, rescue and fire fighting service.

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