What Situations Require a Biohazard Cleaning Service?

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When we hear the term biohazard, most of us thing about the situations we have seen in films, such as nuclear accidents or dangerous viruses or bacteria being released from top security laboratories. However, in reality, biohazard cleaning services are rarely hired for such large-scale decontamination projects. Here are some situations that are handled by biohazard cleanup specialists on a daily basis.

Clean Up at Decides Where Violent Events Have Taken Place

The other name used for biohazard companies is crime scene cleanup services. One off the most important services provided by these companies is the deep cleaning and sanitization performed at crime scenes to remove any traces of biological materials and pathogens after the forensic team has performed the taking of samples and evidence for the police investigation.

The cleanup process in this situation involves the careful evaluation of the scene and an examination with the help of special devices and materials to identify the presence of biological material, then the application of special substances to remove the hazardous residues. The process involves not only cleaning to remove visible stains, but also invisible pathogens to restore the safety of the premises.

Fire Damage and Water Damage Restoration

Biohazard cleanup services are also frequently hired for restoring the cleanliness and the safety of buildings after a fire. in these situations, the specialist will remove the soot and the smoke particles resulting from the fire with specialized cleaning and deodorizing methods.

Specialized biohazard cleanup Denver companies are also frequently called to restore the safety and cleanliness of buildings after having been affected by flooding, by burst sewage pipes as well as by the water damage resulting from fire extinguishing procedures. When hired to handle such cases, the specialists will first of all disconnect the utilities in the building to ensure safety, then they will install and turn on special, high-capacity pumps to remove the water from the premises.

In the next phase, they will remove all the contaminated and damaged items from the affected spaces and will continue with the decontamination of the floors and the walls. This process usually involves the removal of the drywalls as well as the removal of floors that have been affected by the water damage, followed by the treatment of the affected surfaces with special substances that prevent the formation of mold.

The Collection and Disposal of Animal Waste And Carcasses

These services are most commonly hired by farms or other businesses involved in animal husbandry. Some types of animal waste and dead animals being considered highly dangerous material, the process of collecting and disposing these materials is regulated by very strict rules. Biohazard cleanup companies are familiar with these rules and they also have the right type of equipment to collect the materials safely and to arrange for their safe disposal.

Mold Removal

The presence of mold and mildew puts the health of the humans and the animals living in the premises at high risks. The removal of the mold spores require special materials and tools that only specialized companies can use. The cleanup specialist hired for such tasks will ensure not only that the mold is removed from the building, but also that the contamination will not return.