Why Andersen Windows Are One of The Top Brands?

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The Andersen Company has accumulated experience of well over a century in the field of manufacturing windows and they have earned the appreciation of their buyers with the excellent quality of their products as well as of their customer service. Today, Andersen windows are among the top window brands – here are the qualities and the features that account for that popularity.

The Materials Used

The Andersen range includes windows made from all the common window frame materials: wood, composite, vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass.

While the windows in any of the material categories are of the highest quality, the material that has earned Andersen so much appreciation and that is their true specialty is wood. Wooden frames being the core product of the company right from the beginning, Andresen has developed various technologies to make the most of the natural material. They offer various cladding options that increase the weather-resistance of wood frames and ensures their low-maintenance durability.

Andersen always adds something special to the way they use the other materials, too. Their composite range includes a variety of attractive solutions, all of them using Andersen’s unique combination of wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer; their aluminum windows with a special extruding technology to ensure superior strength, while their fiberglass solution are durable and practically maintenance-free.

The Window Types Available

The Andersen range includes all the major window styles: awning, bay, casement and gliding windows as well as pass-through, picture, single-hung and double hung varieties. They also offer a range of specialty shape windows – products that feature unusual shapes.

Professional Assistance Every Step of the Way

Andersen’s window experts are aware that choosing the right windows is a complex and often frustrating task, that is why they offer all the assistance they can to make the process easier. The Andersen company website provides inspiration through a section of design tips and also help with the selection process by offering their customers a window design tool that can be used to simulate colors, grilles and many other features.

Customers can also get all the help they need with the process of placing and tracking their orders.


With energy prices on the rise, more and more people are looking for energy-efficiency upgrades that can help them lower cooling and heating bills. Andersen windows make an excellent choice from this point of view as well – they all provide perfect, durable sealing as well as efficient insulation through the pane as well as through the glass. To provide maximum energy-efficiency, Andersen windows are available with various glass options, including highly reflective low-E panes, panes that add UV-filtration to low-E and many other options.

A Wide Network of Approved and Certified Installation Specialists

Andersen works with an immense network of certified window installation contractors, which means that wherever you live, you will surely find a replacement windows near me installation and repair contractor who is qualified and certified by Andersen. The company’s website offers all the information one can possibly need about the contractors available in their particular area.